Tel Kirma (In English)


Tel Kirma, embroidery is an art which is identified with Amasra and a reflection of a tradition which comes from depths of history, to a cloth.

When a child borns in Amasra, either a girl or a boy, its head is covered with a cloth and to a bowl of water melted lead is poured. Then this water is given to the baby to drink. Its meaning is to make the child adopt the principle of Homeros, Iliad epic 3000 years before ,The heros who attended Trua War was grown in the territory which Parthenious watered. For Amasra people, being brave, manful and hero as Homeros said is the meaning of life. And its way is to drink water with lead in young ages. By this way, boys become brave and trustworthy and the girls have a good feeling for silvery colours. Then the girls that reach the ages of 5 or 6 get acquainted with Tel Kırma by immitating firstly her mother, sister and grandmothers. In future years frame and special needle will be an indispensable equipment.


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