Baris Akarsu (In English)


The life of Barış Akarsu starts like a fairy tale and his chilhood is defined as a legend.

Barış is born as a summer son on the 29th June 1979. Realising his birth, a tiny butterfly stands on his cradle and stays there the whole day. Barış, who met with the anti-guest Black Sea in his early childhood, learns to fish. This singer loves this free time activity so much that he once says:I can eat even my dad if he comes from the sea. Completing his first, secondary and high school training in Amasra, Barış is interested in yatch sport and then meets with music. Green, blue and turquoise colours, the grumpy waves of The Black Sea and the warm beaches of Amasra makes him the fan of rock, hardrock and heavy metal. The great singers such as Ruhi Su and Cem Karaca contributes a lot to the personality of this grumpy son of the Black Sea that he is seen as the inheritor of Cem Karaca and Barış Manço. After being the top at Academy Turkey in 2004, Barış gives more than one hundred concerts in all parts of the country and makes a love of line among his fans form lips to hearts.

Barış, besides his concerts, begins to cast the starrin rol in the series Pseudo girlfriend while making the albums “Islak Islak” Düşmeden Bulutlara Koşmam Gerek and ayrılık Zamanı Gelir at the same time.

He is rememberred as alfonso Tarık after this series. Barış, the eye linered and grumpy son of Northern Anatolia, dies in a tragic traffic accident on 29th June 2007,which is also his 28th birthday.

Barış is in the heart of Amasra and the people of Amasra. He is in Culture Park in Amasra. This love is strenghtened by the Barış Akarsu Culture and Art Festival on 29th June-4th July every year.


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