Amasra (English)


Amasra, in the middle of Black Sea, is lie the heaven which is waiting to be explored with its history and natural beauties. It captivates its visitors with its sapphire blue water and work of arts left from glorious civilizations.

At the same time it’s the city of museums, art, architecture and restaurants of most beautiful fish and salad. This small town is an archeological open museum where the past and the future combine. Its worlwide fame that it gained with its egzotical view isn’t enough to tell the place. In Amasra, it is necessary to get lost in its labyrenths to understand its unknown face without being deceived by its glittering lights. Well. It is unknown how much the God worked to make up this city. The only thing known is that Plinius called Amasra legant and Beautiful Genoas called lowered Castle Diojen who said tand out of my light.” called Amasra Balance and Turkish Art Music veteran Zeki Müren called mall Capri In 1460, at the time of conquest, Mehmet The Conquerer affected from the view so much and couldn hide his wonder and said Master, are these the eyes of the world? Poet Tahir Karaoğuz said in his poem that; If the universe resembled to Amasra in the first instance Even the dispensation of providence would be changed. Adam, who was banished because of a fruit, Would find Eve here, not at the bottom of yardarm. 7 Hills that make Amasra exotic is heavenly like forest cover which is formed of one peninsula, two islands and two gulves. Because of this qualities, it has started tourism in 1940 and has been the first tourism town of Turkey. The name of the city in arcaic times was seamos which means sesame. The name of the woman leader (Amastris) who governed Amasra in the 3’d century BC had been an inspiration to Ottomans and ever after the city called Amasra, The first owners of old city were amazons. After Amazons, phoenicians, Ionians, Carians, Akas, Persians following Amastris Period, Pontus People, Romans, Byzantines and Ottomans lived in Amasra. Amasra take people from present day and bring to mysterious past with its castle, Kuşkayası Street Monument. It gives an irreplaceable feeling by leaving us alone in the depths of past. It meets us with Apollon, Artemis, Hermes, Amastris, by making us feel the thousands years before. The legendary city has inimitable panaroma with blue bays and green hills which are attestors of history. A look from windows and balconies to the nature and sea gives the feeling of mystery. In Amasra you can see narrow streets of Genoa, islands filled with sea gulls, colourful oleanders, sesames, many tones of green, torquoise colours of sunset, seasparkles in night of moonlight. If you once go to Amasra and see the sun and the stars, the description and meaning of sky, sun and stars will change and you will never see the brighter ones.